Stitch Crafts Gold for Windows

Stitch Crafts Gold, copyright (c) 1995-2002 Compucrafts
Introduced in October of 1995, Stitch Crafts Gold represents a new generation of stitch graphing software which combines ease of use for the novice with the power features required by the professional designer. Version 5.2 2 was released in December, 2003

System Requirements:
IBM-PC or compatible with a 486 or Pentium microprocessor, 16 MB of memory, 6 MB hard drive space, high color (64K) or true color (24M) super VGA monitor, Windows 95/98, NT/2000/XP, a mouse or compatible pointing device.

The following feature list represents some of the major features of the program:

Whole, 3/4, 1/2 cross, 1/4 and French Knot stitches
Just select the proper tool and click/drag with the mouse to place symbols or colors on the grid. Stitches are automatically centered or oriented into the correct grid quadrant where the mouse is clicked.

Back stitches Satin Stitch color line drawing
Draw lines in any of 16 colors and any line width. Backstitches may be drawn from any grid intersection to any other grid intersection. Satin stitches may be drawn from any grid center to any other grid center.

Move, Duplicate, Copy, Paste, Fill, Flip, Rotate, Erase selected areas
Choose the Select tool to create a selection rectangle around any area of the grid. Then, using the mouse and options in the Selection Menu, you can selectively erase colors, lines or stitch types, fill or delete entire design areas, move design elements within the boundaries of a project, copy repeated elements, rotate and reverse the orientation of design elements, create borders and trims or mirror image sections of designs. Traditional samplers can be charted quickly because of the repetitive nature of their borders and bands and the mirror-image quality in their central motifs.

120 high resolution, user editable symbols
Select symbols from a palette of 120 standard cross stitch symbols. All 120 symbols may be used within a single project. The symbols provided may be edited to create a set of symbols which you may prefer.

Over 1000 predefined DMC, Anchor and J&PCoats colors
Select colors from three built-in color cards comprising the full line of 427 DMC, 422 Anchor and 291 J&P Coats embroidery floss colors. Primary manufacturer colors are cross referenced to appropriate alternate manufacturer colors whenever possible. And you can modify the colors or add your own floss entries to the existing color cards.

6 zoom levels and a special "silhouette" view
Multiple levels of zoom are supported, from very close (4:1) to full project view (1:8) to allow you to work on the details of your project or on the project as a whole. In addition, a silhouette view is available which even collapses out the space taken up by the grid lines. The silhouette appears like the finished piece when displayed or printed.

6 symbol-color display and print modes
Six display modes are provided for viewing and printing. These include the standard black symbols only, color only (grid square filled with color), black symbols on color, color symbols, color x-stitches and black. (Black can be very handy for spotting symmetry errors which may be camouflaged by color.) A special "user" display mode allows you to choose how a color is to be displayed on a symbol-by-symbol basis.

Unlimited chart size; multiple projects open at once
Chart size is limited only by the available memory of your computer; there is no arbitrary limit. Enormous chart sizes greater than 2000 x 2000 are possible on a computer with 16 Mb of memory! If your computer supports true color (example - 64K or 24M colors), then you may have several projects open simultaneously. This can make copying and pasting between projects very easy.

Multiple grid style options and fabric colors
The grid is fully configurable, including its style, color, heavy rule interval, aspect ratio, and point spacing. In addition, center marks may be toggled on (edge arrows marking the center of the project) and a fabric background color may be selected. Choose from white, ivory, antique linen or create your own.

Fully configurable Chart Key
The project chart key is automatically maintained as you use symbols and colors in your project. The layout of the chart key can be modified by changing the primary color and by excluding any column. Sorting the chart key is as simple as dragging the entries to new locations using the mouse. A fourth color manufacturer column may be defined and used alone or along with DMC, Anchor and JPCoats color columns. There are also several options for controlling the chart key printed appearance, including choice of font and font size.

Professional printouts; all printers supported
The output of Stitch Crafts Gold is unsurpassed. A project chart may be printed in any size and in any of the color or black and white display modes. Choose to print the chart so it will fit on a single page or across multiple pages. Print the silhouette view to obtain a hardcopy of a picture of the finished piece. A unique printing feature of Stitch Crafts Gold is user control over the grid "lightness" level. This controls how fine or light the grid appears when printed for that professional touch.

Stitch Crafts Gold has full support for Undo. If you make a mistake, click on the Undo button. What could be easier.

Online Help
Help is available on every feature of the program and is just a mouse click away. Practically the entire user's manual is on-line in a searchable hypertext format with additional helpful hints and "how to" sections. There is also a "Quick Start Tutorial" -- a step-by-step guide which describes the basic features of the program to get you started quickly.

Automatic, intelligent chart creation from any color picture
Included on the Stitch Crafts Gold disk is a powerful program called SCWGrab for converting color pictures to charts with DMC color matching. True color (64K and 24M) as well as 256 color palettized images are supported. SCWGrab can read BMP, PCX, GIF, JPEG and TIFF files directly, or it can capture the window contents of any other program which is also running. If you have a color scanner, you can use SCWGrab to make charts from your favorite photographs.

SCWGrab contains a suite of special effects which can be used to prepare the picture for successful conversion to a chart every time. These include changing the contrast and brightness levels, setting a white and black cutoff level (to merge near whites and near blacks), specifying the number of colors using two complementary color reduction algorithms, eliminating noise (scanned pictures usually contain many "noisy" colors) and posterizing (to blend many near-colors into single colors). An effect we call "pixellization and resizing" will average colors in a grid overlay of specified cell size (2x2,3x3,4x4..) and then reduce the size of the chart to match -- all automatically. Now more than ever before, converting a complex, high resolution, color picture to a beautiful needlecraft chart is just a mouse click away.


"Thank you again for sending the examination copy of SC Gold. I like this program *a lot*!! I have test driven quite a few Yugos in stitch software, and yours is definitely a Cadillac! Many thanks. I plan to feature this program in my class" (1997 Spirit of Cross Stitch Festival in Knoxville, TN) - M.B.L., San Ramon, CA

"Our needlework guild had a workshop where we looked at several programs -- decided yours was the best." - M.B., Hopkins, MN

"Thank you very much for the prompt service. I have been using the program for several days and so far I am very impressed with it. As I said, this is one of four cross stitch programs I have. ... The things I like about Compucrafts is more color choices for stitches and back stitches. Most only allow 60 or 64 colors for symbols and 8 for back stitching. I also like the fact that the back stitches can start anywhere. The printouts are fantastic! With the printer I have and glossy paper, they look as if they are commercial." - S.H., Lyman, WY

"I really think your product is superior (no prejudice on my part). I had done a lot of comparison shopping through ads for design products before making my decision to buy yours. You have a very powerful product for a good price." - S.R., League City, TX

"I purchased my Stitch Crafts Gold software last December 1996 direct from Compucrafts. This is my third cross stitch designer software since 1995. I didn't have a hard time going through the many versatile features of Stitch Crafts Gold even after using it for only a month. It's so easy to edit projects, especially scanned photos. Print quality is superb with my HP 850C." - A. A., Philippines

"I have just completed my first project using Stitch Crafts Gold for Windows! I love using the program. It is so easy and fun to use! - K.L., Lowell, MA

"I just received your program yesterday and stayed up until 5:00 this morning playing with it. I'm impressed!!!!!!! ... I have 3 new projects to work on now that I have wanted to cross stitch for a long time. I love it!!!!" - N.O., Wichita, KS

"My wife really appreciates the ability to create/design her own patterns. I am happy that we found a program that she really enjoys using. She is a little timid of computers but with your package she enthusiastically jumps in like a young child at Christmas." - C.W., BC, Canada

"I am writing this letter to let you know how much I like the Stitch Crafts Gold program. I design cross-stitch kits for the gift and needlework retail industry. It is the only program I use now. I used to use ... (P.C.S.) ..., but I find this much easier in designing my graphs. My newest designs, which will be at the show, were all done using the Stitch Crafts Gold program. I'm really happy with the way they've come out, and I believe it's because of how comfortable I am with this program." - C.C.A., Carver, MA

"Stitch Crafts Gold has the best image to pattern colour matching by far over any of the competition that we have tested. ... For our use your product is still the leader in colour matching and final product presentation." - P.R., St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

"Version 4 was a good program, version 5 is great. Not just a lot of bells and whistles, but significant enhancements. Particularly in the areas of printing and exporting.... If I had an award, you'd get it. -L.C., Tavares, FL.

"...I thoroughly checked out Stitch Crafts competitors. Thank you for creating this marvelous software! Stitch Crafts Gold is by far the best and most versatile cross stitch software I could find. It has everything I need; more stitch and line colors, loads of symbols and 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 & satin stitches to boot! But the all time plus is that I can scan in photo's and hand drawn designs! I can hardly wait to get started." - S.W., Tigard, OR

"I cannot praise this program highly enough or loudly enough! It is super easy to use, the how-to-manual is written in clear, precise, plain English and even computer illiterates would find it easy to use. I have already started charting two designs from scratch and have "grabbed" about 20 or so charts from graphics I had stored on my computer. Customer service reps on the phone were very helpful, answered all my questions and processed my order very promptly. Stitch Crafts Gold is the best computer software I've bought! Thank you so much for making this product and offering it at such a good price... A VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER!" - P.D, New York, NY

"I LOVE this program. I use it constantly. I think one of my favorite features is being able to print it in actual size so I can see how it will fit on the shirts I stitch them on." -Nancy

"I can't do without your program because I am also using it in my business. I like your program better than any cross stitch program I have tried because it converts the colors from the scanned images into floss colors more accurately. Also I like the added feature in SCWGrab wherein you can convert the colored pictures into grayscale..." -L.O.

"I LOVE THIS PROGRAM. It is so simple to use. I've found my way around the program quite easily and have only referred to the manual several times for clarifrication." - J.C., Creston, OH

"Yours is the second computer aided design package I have used. Yours is so much better than the one I started with and has made designing so much easier and more productive. The graphs are so easy to stitch from as well as a joy to design. Thanks for a great product." -C.S., Harrow, Middlesex, England

"I took a class at Heart of Cross Stitch... The purpose of this class was to examine about a dozen software packages for charting cross stitch. After examining these and trying the demos for months (5) after the seminar, I really feel yours is heads and tails above the rest and has made me very comfortable in pursuing an endeavor of mine. I also sat next to a woman who has your program and just raved about it." -P.C.,Penn State University

"During a search, my husband discovered a relatively new program called, Stitch Crafts Gold,Version #5 for Windows. What a miracle! The manual does not understate when it says, 'The program speeds the creation, correction, and manipulation of charted designs and design elements.'" - Review, CrochetTalk by Sylvia Landman, Click here for complete text of review.

"A big thank you from me to you, it has been over a year now since I purchased my SCW Gold program and I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed using it, and still am inventing new designs for my cross-stitch and tapestry. It has everything I need, including my favourite DMC embroidery cottons, and I simply love using it, thank you once again for this wonderful program." -- B.Clark, QLD, Australia

Click here to download a free demo version of Stitch Crafts Gold v5.22. The demo downloads as a single file -- SCWDEMO.EXE. Once downloaded onto your computer, simply run it from Windows and follow the installation instructions. The demo version of Stitch Crafts Gold is fully functional except for the following: 1. Saving is disabled, 2. Exporting is disabled and 3. Printing is restricted to only those projects that are installed with the demo.

Stitch Crafts Gold for Windows, $190.00. To order or request additional information, call, write, fax or email us at the numbers and addresses on our home page. Thank you for visiting our website.

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